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Hydraulic multi-stage hydraulic cylinders

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5 Ton
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30 Days
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Product Attributes


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VerpakungExport standard packing

Produktivität500tons per month


Ort Von ZukunftCHINA

Versorgungsmaterial-Fähigkeit500tons per month

Zertifikate ISO SGS




Lieferzeit30 Tage

Verpackung & Lieferung
Export standard packing
Product Description
Multi-stage cylinders are available in special sealing materials and constructions to ensure reliable sealing. 1) Operating
temperature range: -45°C~+110°C; 2) The sealing material has good rebound characteristics, and has good sealing performance
throughout the working cycle of the cylinder; 3) Good wear resistance and long service life . The use of European standard
cylinder material and processing technology to ensure the strength, rigidity and dimensional accuracy of the cylinder, improve the
stability and reliability of the cylinder, thus extending the service life of the cylinder.

01.light quality
02.The cylinder can withstand high pressure, the rated working pressure is not lower than 21Mpa
03.The outer surface of the cylinder is chrome-plated for good wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

This series is used in dump trucks, turners, and other space-constrained and light-weight hydraulic cylinders.

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Company Introduction
The company integrates research and development and manufacturing of high-end hydraulic product, and is one of the largest and competitive manufacturing enterprises for high-end hydraulic products in China. The company is recognized “high-tech enterprise”by the state. It has an enterprise technology center certified by the state. The annual production capacity reaches 3 million hydraulic components, 40,000 sets hydraulic systems and 20,000 tons of hydraulic castings. The products are widely used in construction machinery, iron and steel, metallurgy, hydraulics, environmental protection, offshore engineering, high-speed rail, wind power, new energy, etc., and have completed a number of national key projects, the products are exported to Europe, America, Asia and Africa. The company continues to strengthen the innovation drive, products and technology continue to expand to high-end manufacturing.

The company consists of four branches: Hydraulic Pump Branch, Hydraulic Valve Branch, Hydraulic System Branch and Casting Branch, there are three subsidiaries of R&D and manufacturing in Taiyuan, Changzhi, Jinan and Shanghai. They produces 3 million units of hydraulic components, 40 thousand sets of hydraulic system equipment, 35 thousand tons of hydraulic castings annually, including high-pressure piston pump, vane pump,gear pump, hydraulic valve, motor, hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic system and castings. They mainly used in engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, transportation (locomotives, rail transit, ships), petroleum machinery, metallurgical steel, coal mines, marine engineering, aerospace, water conservancy and power, machine tool industry, chemical equipment and other fields. The company has provided products for national key projects such as the Three Gorges Project, the South-to-North Water Transfer Project, the localization of metallurgical slab continuous casting and rolling production line and so on. 
Product packaging
Our Advantages
The company is a state-recognized high-tech enterprise, with state-recognized hydraulic industry enterprise technology center,and has established a post-doctoral research station with strong independent technology research and product development capabilities. The company has 239 outstanding professionals in development and basic technology, process innovation research of product , including more than 60 senior technical titles. The technology center has established an open operation mode, paying attention to the organic combination of production, education and research, and has established exchanges and cooperation relations with more than 20 universities, colleges and institutes, such as Tinghua University, Beijing Aerospace University, Taiyuan University of Technology, Beijing Institute of Automation, Tianjin Institute of Construction Machinery, etc., and continue to maintain leadership in designing of high-end hydraulic product and controlling of hydraulic-electro-mechanical and other technical fields. The company participated in formulating 21 national and industrial product standards, and obtained 24 invention and practical patents, and won 66 technology progress awards and outstanding new product awards.
Why Choose Us

The company has established a complete quality management system, with the certification of informatization and industrialization "two-oriented integrated management system", and comprehensively implemented refined management to constantly improve product quality and economic benefits.

The company has established a nationwide marketing and service network, dedicated to providing customers with perfect services. We have actively promoted the internationalization strategy and established strategic partners and service agencies in Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa.

The company upholds the core values of "integrity, innovation, leanness, excellence" and takes the revitalization of China's hydraulic industry as its responsibility to vigorously promote independent innovation and help the development of high-end equipment manufacturing industry.


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